About Us

TEDÜ Career Center is established in an aim to assist our students in familiarizing themselves with, and in being in contact with the business environments before graduation and easily adapting to the professional life upon graduation.

Our goal is, to assist the students by providing them information and leadership in selecting a career and/or knowledge that would direct them to the correct career path. We will help them in making career plans and consciously selecting higher education opportunities that come along, by taking their personal talents, abilities and interests into consideration. In this aim we will;

  • Develop opportunities for full-time, part-time, short term or compulsory internship programs for our students and graduates,
  • Thru “Career Leadeship Program”, bring students and role-model professionals together to enable them in observing the differences and visions on their career targets.
  • Provide counseling and training in preparing CV’s, developing interview techniques, and correct self expressions.
  • Introduce sectoral firms by organizing career days and conversation sessions .
  • Bring employers, students and graduates together by organizing Career Fairs and present contact opportunities for internship and employment.
  • Evaluate job offers, prepare employment agreements and provide support in periods of adaptation to new jobs and employment companies.