Conversations with Career Leaders Program (CCLP)

Conversations with Career Leaders Program (CCLP) invites exceptional TED alumni to meet with TED students on our campus. The purpose of CCLP is to offer career insights from alumni who share the TED experience and can offer a viewpoint into the multitude of career options one can pursue after graduation. The conversations take place in small groups to create an interactive environment for productive exchange.

CCLP program is suggested and sponsored by TED University’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Selcuk Pehlivanoglu. Mr. Pehlivanoglu and TED University believe the program will help shape the visions of our students and encourage them to pursue their ambitions.

We are grateful to all our guests for their time and commitment to help TED University to become one of Turkey’s elite higher education institutions.

For guest speakers:
• Please provide your bio the way you would like us share with the students and our community
• We suggest a 40 minute speaking and 20 minute Q and A session format for the meeting. Please feel free change the format as you see fit.
• We would like to invite you for lunch with the leadership of our University before the talk if it convenient for you.

For Students:
• Due to small group format, only the first 20 applicants will be able to meet with the speakers.
• Please do your research about the speaker before the meeting. Ask meaningful and relevant questions for the interaction to be productive and effective.
• Please keep in mind that it is a very generous undertaking for our guests to spare time for the students. Use this time efficiently and always be courteous.
• Dress, prepare and engage appropriately and respectfully, do not forget that you are representing TED University students with your behavior.