Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Ahmet Aslan

We made an innovation on this week’s Career Pioneers Conversations and paid a visit to Ortadoğu Rulman Industry and Trade Inc.’s factory in Polatlı upon the kind invitation of our career pioneer Ahmet Aslan. We had a tour around the factory in groups and found out about the production chain of ball bearing. After the visit we were hosted by Ahmet Aslan, the CEO of the factory and the General Director Dr. Feridun Özhan gave a briefing to our future engineers. Mr. Özhan laid stress on the importance of career planning according to one’s own competencies and specialisation. He also mentioned the importance of English which will be of use in many different domains of professional life.

Mr. Aslan mentioned that most of the engineers tend to practice professions other than engineering and that they have difficulty in finding engineers. He also added that it would be a pity to pursue such a difficult education and not to practice engineering. He advised the students to focus well on their education.

Answering the questions of students, Mr. Aslan told the 30 year long story of his big investment which emerged as an idea on 1983 and brought to life on 1986. He explained the difficulties of industrial investments and added that purchasing engines are not sufficient for production of such technologies. Stressing the importance of intellectual and tangible investments, Mr. Aslan stated that sixty five out of the hundred engineers working at ORS are mechanical engineers. Mr. Aslan concluded his words by mentioning that they are the sole ball bearing company in Turkey and that their international rival companies have a century old experience in the field.