Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Ahmet Eti

The first guest of February in Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers was the CEO of Sebit, Ahmet Eti. Mr. Eti started the conversation by presenting himself and told us the coincidental story of his career in the sector of education.

When Mr. Eti started working in TUBITAK which was then an institute that employed only engineers. There, he proved the need for employing professionals from other fields and privatised their project under the name of Sebit (Education and Information Operation Technologies).

Mr. Eti explained that he places a great emphasis on the aesthetics of working environments and added he has been working with the same employees for many years. Due to economic crisis, there have been alterations in the structure of their company and they had to transfer the company to Turk Telekom. Mr. Eti told how they came to cancel the contract they ought to sign with Apple upon the decision of Doğuş Group and clarified their organization process at METU and the development of the techno-park concept and legislation procedures. Mr. Eti also mentioned the importance of structuring a company as an ecosystem. He told how Fatih Project initiated and concluded.

Continuing the conversation answering the questions, Mr. Eti recommended the students to always believe in what they do, to follow their passions and to search for good teachers before they choose a faculty in the university and stressed the importance of finding right educators as it is them who shape the visions of the students. He explained that the creation process of the first educational computer game War of Independence lasted three years but that it couldn’t be placed on the market because the technology was way ahead when it was completed. Mr. Eti concluded his conversation by explaining how they went on with writing teacher training programs and stated that it was their company which first launched the on-line subscription system in sales.