Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers - Ayfer Yılmaz

Ms. Ayfer Yılmaz was this week’s second guest of our “Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers”. Ms. Yılmaz started her conversation by telling about her choice of university education and emphasized the fact that it is not us who decide about our careers but rather, an examination.

She told the students that the inclusion of the book entitled “Why Nations Fail” in their library is a must and that not reading books means not being able to dream. As we are a non-reading nation, she recommended that the students at least, read the 30 page condensed version of the book which can be located at, and take little notes. She emphasized that the students should consider their goals and capabilities while making university choices and that they need to be an entrepreneur to take part in advancing Turkey, as they are educated to add value to where they exist. She continued by telling the students that they will not be able to reach anywhere by copying and that all individuals are valuable and all doors will be open for them if they put their differences forward.

Ms. Yılmaz also said that; there are great differences between the counties which buy and those which produce technology; Turkey is continuously consuming since the manufacturing industry is not working and that the only way to eliminate crisis is to produce. As we are living in a world where knowledge turns into product and that we will not be able to advance our knowledge if we do not have a vision. She made suggestions to students by telling that non-continuous success is only a coincidence and that they should never put a stop on their dreams. She suggested that the students definitely select higher or side fields in their education. Ms. Yılmaz then asked each student about his/her dream and advised them to participate in entrepreneur conferences as she deemed them useful. She concluded her discussions by responding to the questions raised by the students.