Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Güngör Uras

The first guest of December’s Career Pioneers Conversations was economy expert, journalist Güngör Uras. After introducing himself, Mr Uras emphasized the importance of self-expression and personal development. He expressed the need of eye contact, speaking out loud and having a story that would appeal everyone.

Mr Uras first questioned what the students expect from such a conversation then went on with topics like the importance of fund of knowledge; the rates of unemployed university graduates and the qualities employers look for. He mentioned the importance of choosing the work one loves and reminded the students to think broadly about the benefits of their career selections. Mr Uras stressed the opportunities the education that they get at TED might bring to them and emphasized that TED has a brand value.

He expressed the need to follow world events from international sources. The significance of culture, advantages that Ankara provides in this respect, the necessity of following exhibitions, concerts and cultural events were amongst other topics mentioned by Güngör Uras. He underlined the demand for “different” people regardless of the sector or profession and recommended the students to be the “best” of what they do.

Mr Uras advised the students to be vigilant about the gaps which might occur in different fields and told them to fill these gaps. Güngör Uras continued the conversation by replying the questions. He expressed that it was them who would build the future by designating objectives and developing new practices and theories. After commenting on the actual economic status of Turkey and mentioning that we close the day by taking loan from foreign countries, Mr Uras concluded his words by reminding the students their responsibility in making up the difference in order to bring the global technologies to Turkey.