Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Hacı D. Begendik

This week’s guest on Career Pioneers Conversations was Executive President of Beğendik and Turkey General Director of Real, Hacı Duran Beğendik. After graduating from TED Kayseri, Hacı Duran Beğendik went to America to complete his undergraduate education. On his return, he started working at Beğendik Incorporation, however working in the family business didn’t met his expectations, so he left the company on 2007 and started his own business in the food sector with a limited capital. This small enterprise developed into the brand of Kayseri Mutfağı which now serves its clients in 19 different restaurants around Turkey. After being awarded as the “Young Entrepreneur” of the year on 2009, he joined back the family business and carried a “brand-client” survey which enabled him to grow the number of Beğendik Malls from 14 to 60 around Turkey.

Mr Beğendik recommended our students to set their goals about the future from the beginning and to plan their strategies in advance. He mentioned the importance of defining one’s own fears and finding the ways to overcome them. He also emphasized the significance of English in making sound business connections and meeting new people. He explained how the fine art classes he attended while he was in America developed him intellectually and helped him to adopt different perspectives which now enables him to transform risks into opportunities.

Mr Beğendik indicated that he would proceed on his way with international initiatives after having purchased Real Hypermarket Chain-Turkey on 2014 and concluded the conversation by answering the questions.