Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Hakan Polatoğlu

The second guest of December on Conversations with Career Pioneers was ETİ Group’s Executive President Hakan Polatoğlu. After having introduced himself, Mr Polatoğlu initiated his conversation by commemorating Atatürk and the Republic as an example of having a dream, realizing it and thus changing the destiny of a society.

He presented ETİ’s dream as being a company which gives people joy and happiness through delicious flavours. He explained that ETİ’s products are kept under inventories of 9 days and that they are consumed generally in 15 days. He emphasized that their sales procedure depends on visits to 180.000 different spots five times a month and that they proceed by defining social responsibility projects like any other firms which reach a certain standard.

Mr Polatoğlu underlined the importance of consummation, standardization, defining the accurate strategies in terms of market competition and emphasized matters like supply chain, technology management, human resources and information systems.

He mentioned that the way to success goes through activating one’s potential and advised the students to discover their original potentials as early as possible by defining their weaknesses and strengths. Mr Polatoğlu defined changing the lives of people through leadership as the peak of a career and concluded the conversation by answering the questions.