Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Kartal Usluel

The second guest of this month’s Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers was the Secretary General of Usluel Corporate Group Kartal Usluel. Mr. Usluel started the conversation by introducing himself and went on with explaining the different sector alternatives like the academy, private sector, public institutions or entrepreneurship, the students might have following their graduation.

Mr. Usluel stated that the world is at the crossroads of the fourth industrial revolution which will transform the structures of conventional professions in the forthcoming 15-20 years. Mr. Usluel also underlined the importance of working as a team and being well equipped, and added that the students might create a self-difference if they make good use of internship programs and part-time works. He reminded that having a diploma does not mean having a job and advised them to take on extra responsibilities in order to be an outstanding worker. He also recommended the students to review the joint project of MIT and Harvard, “Atlas of Economic Complexity”.

Mr. Usluel made a remark on the advantages of international internships and professional experiences explaining that working away from home will enhance their visions, that they are at the best age to face difficulties in life and that they should work really hard and not regard work as a burden.

Upon the questions of the students, Mr. Usluel said that he looks positively to nuclear energy and explained the developments in the wind power and solar energy sectors. Mr. Usluel gave information on the activities of the Usluel Corporate Group. He concluded the conversation by informing the students on the developing sectors and added that numerous Turkish companies will be carrying on projects in Africa by the time the students graduate from the university.