Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Şakir Özkan Torunlar

Second guest of March in Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers was Ministry of Foreign Affairs South Asia General Director and Ambassador Şakir Özkan Torunlar. Mr Torunlar started the conversation by presenting himself and explained that after having completed high school at TED College he went on studying International Relations at the Ankara University because as a child he has decided that he would go abroad to by himself the toys which his uncle used to bring for him from abroad. He explained that he has a special interest in history and that he learnt French in European countries which he explored by hitchhiking.

Mr. Torunlar told anecdotally the countries he presented Republic of Turkey, the missions he undertook, the outcomes of these missions and his ironic experiences. He explained the positions of embassy, consulate general, foreign mission and honorary consulate and gave information about the operations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the terms of Office, the training opportunities, the required qualifications for employment and the steps of the entrance examination.

Mr. Torunlar mentioned that he has performed his profession with love since 33 years and ended the conversation by answering the questions of the students.