Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Sevinç Atabay

This week’s guest on Conversations with Career Pioneers was Turkish Education Association and TED Ankara College General Director Sevinç Atabay. After having explained she was diagnosed with ADD when she was a child, Mrs Atabay emphasized the importance of rendering the classes interesting and appealing so as to maintain the motivation and the concentration of the students.

Mrs Atabay underlined the importance of choosing a career one loves. She added that teaching is a demanding occupation which has to be professed with care and that a teacher should be innovative, original, happy, fare, well prepared and honest in order to be an unforgettable teacher for students.

Mrs Atabay explained that they would be sustaining the profession only if they get to develop the weakest student of a class and stressed out the importance of the ethical values of teaching which shapes the future of a country. She continued her words by clarifying the difference between the acquired knowledge and adopted knowledge and the distinction between a teacher who “downloads” the knowledge and the one who “uploads” it and stated that teachers should shape their students and teach them to be strong, that they should let them be free and original while being their companions on the path of learning. Mrs Atabay concluded the conversation by answering the questions.