Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Kerem Yazgan

The first guest of March in Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers was the founder of Yazgan Design & Architecture Kerem Yazgan. Mr. Yazgan made a presentation and explained that architecture should not be considered only as buildings surrounding us. He stated that interior and exterior design are integrated to one and other, that architecture is closely related to fine arts and has numerous branches like window displays, furniture, automobile or lighting design. He explained that architecture is a team work and entails a process between design-product-result and life itself which requires patience.

Mr. Yazgan emphasized that architecture is not a static but a dynamic field where the relation with the material and light reflects the dynamics of life and confirmed his perspective with examples from the world. Mr. Yazgan also stated that architecture is a labour of observation and an extraordinary state within the routine of life. He also added that it can be shaped with original creativity as a means of personal expression.

Mr. Yazgan continued his conversation with examples from his own portfolio and stressed that architecture is a continuous work which has rhythm and visual quality. He added that it is not the architect but the life itself which adds meaning to space. Mr. Yazgan concluded the conversation by answering the questions of the students.